Little Staffie: Uttoxeter Shoppers


ACT’s Little Staffie services operate in Burton, Uttoxeter and East Staffordshire.

We specialise in providing safe, accessible, door-to-door transport for senior citizens, and those with mobility and disability, including wheelchair users who cannot access
conventional public transport.

The Little Staffie Uttoxeter Shoppers bus is primarily used to access Uttoxeter Town Centre shops and supermarkets.

We can also provide transport to other town centre services and amenities including healthcare (e.g. dentist, optician) and the bus or railway station.

We cover the following area's. Please view our timetable to see which day we cover your area.

Uttoxeter Shoppers Map 2.jpg

Booking & Fares

Seats need to be booked in advance. Regular bookings can be requested (weekly or fortnightly). Booking is simple and can be made up to 2 hours before travel time Mon - Fri by phone and 24 hours in advance by email (to ensure availability)

Call: 01335 300670


There is currently a flat rate fare of £7 per journey

View our timetable for Uttoxeter Shoppers